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Finding Solutions to your Powder Coating needs with our State of the Art Powder Coating System.


A quality finish starts when the parts are hung on the line . All parts are pre-inspected for defects and processed through our five-stage washer to clean, phosphate and dry the product before the Powder Coating application starts.


The conveyor

design allows us the capacity to process thousands of parts per hour. After powder coating, the product is cured in an ultra-efficient

gas fired Combination Infra-Red/Convection Bake Oven



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 847-608-7800 or fill out the following form

Head Office

1750 Todd Farm Dr # A,

Elgin, IL 60123

Tel: 847-608-7800

Fax: 847-608-7878

Get a quote: 847-608-7800

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